Many Thanks

It was not easy getting to this point, but after almost 9 years without a license and coming up on 5 years without a drink, I thank you. Thank you to those who have said a kind, supporting word to me when I wavered about being completely sober & honest. To those who have sent messages and emails, called, and helped me. Those that have listened to me talk about this stuff over and over. Who watched me question myself and my motives. For the kind comments on this blog and on Facebook, thank you. To my wife, my dear friends, my outstanding co-workers, my parents, my sister and everyone else in my family, thank you.


A huge weight has been lifted for not only me but for my wife especially. Carting around a grown man for the past 8 years could not have been easy and with kids involved, it makes it that much harder. Driving is a not something to take for granted, it is an important part of life and vital in raising children and having a family. So much credit goes to her but also to my Mother, who had to put up with more shit than any son should make a Mother put up with. Also to my many friends over the years who offered and gave me rides, I also cannot thank you enough. It is hard enough getting from point A to point B on a bicycle but sometimes a bike isn't an option and counting on other people was the only way to get it done.


Drinking and driving is not cool and not something to take lightly. I am lucky enough to be given another chance to show that I am a different man than I was 9 years ago. Take a cab, Uber, Lift, walk or catch a ride with a sober friend. Hell, if you are stuck somewhere and cant leave because you have had too much booze, hit me up. I can’t promise anything, but chances are I may be available to come give you a ride. Learn from me, its never worth the risk.