Took More than the DUI's

Many people probably read my blog and assume I quit drinking because of my DUI’s. This isn’t true. If it were, I probably would have quit drinking after the first or maybe even the second and certainly the third…but none of them got me to quit and honestly I feel as if they only made the matter worse. Having a child, even though not right away, was ultimately the gift that I needed. Watching my child take his first step, speak his first word so on and so forth was the driving force in picking up the pieces and getting my shit together.


I didn’t want to just be a guy who had a kid. I wanted to be a man, raising his child. I remember I always wanted to be a dad. Growing up I dreamed of having a child of my own one day. I would teach them what I know, to always be honest and not to take things for granted. Basically to enjoy and get the best out of life. When I was drinking it would have been impossible for me to teach a child any of these things. I lied constantly, took everything for granted and did not enjoy life the way it is meant to be enjoyed. I was very selfish and being responsible for another human being was completely out of the question for me. Luckily for everyone involved, I eventually wised up when things got as bad as they did for me. I reached out and found a way to become the man I am today with the help of others and a willingness to put my family before myself. My life changed almost instantly when I got sober, I had hope and acceptance for the first time in a very long time. Fast forward almost 5 years, with my son now 5 and my daughter to be 3 soon, putting the bottle down was by far the best decision I have ever made.


I’m positive I couldn’t be the father I am today without sobriety. I enjoy every day I wake up without a hangover or needing a drink, and watching my children experience all their firsts while also adding gray hairs to my head. Watching them grow and learn so fast never ceases to amaze me and I’m so proud to be a dad and grow older with this beautiful gift of raising children. Don’t get me wrong, being a dad isn’t always easy, but for me it’s totally worth it and I credit my 1,640 days of sobriety for putting me in a position to be there for them on a daily basis.