Almost 8 Years

On the 21st of this month, 8 years ago, I was arrested. At that moment, sitting in a jail cell, I kept alternating between “I’ve ruined my entire life” and “this is most likely a bad dream and I will wake up soon.” Turns it was neither. My last DUI arrest was unfortunately, not a dream and its implications were all too real.  But it is also has not been the end of the world.

From a personal perspective, the goal is simple. Do not let DUI’s define me as a person or stop me from becoming the best human being I can be.  Still today, I must continue to strive to do everything I am capable of doing and hopefully my actions will prove to society that I have been sufficiently rehabilitated to deserve another chance at driving. Looking back at it though, it seems like it was just yesterday. The pure terror of seeing red and blue lights in your rear view mirror never goes away.  Still today as a passenger, I see an officer drive behind me, and despite not doing anything wrong, having the feeling that this was it…I was going to get pulled over, and I was going end up in jail.

The entire scene has gone from being a terribly hurtful one to being a teachable one.  I know what I did was wrong and I won’t do it again.  But I won’t let myself be down because of it.  I am still a human being and I am still capable of magnificent things.  My DUI's are a part of my life and still to this day, I must overcome them.

My arrests have been a draining experience and still are to this day. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  But like everything else in life, I can only use them as a learning opportunity and always remember that time of my life so that I never drink and certainly not drink and drive again. Believe me when I tell you that you cannot afford a DUI.  Emotionally, it leaves you in a state where you have a hard time seeking forgiveness from those who you have affected, those you love the most, and the one person you see in the mirror every day. Mentally, it is exhausting and makes you question who you are and everything you have done throughout your entire life. However, I am here to tell you it does not have to be the end of the world.