Doesn't Define Me

I read a great article on Steve Sarkisian who is now a coach for the Atlanta Falcons and who is also an alcoholic. What he said that resonated with me is that, “the disease of alcoholism is a piece of me. It doesn't define me. I've got a lot more to offer than that.”  I have spent a lot of time over the past three years trying to figure out what defines me and what doesn’t and what makes me who I am. There are words that I have heard describe me like, good father, leader, funny, hard worker and handsome (obviously). These are the types of descriptions that you want in life and it makes you feel good that people think that way about you. There are also the descriptions that in some parts of my life have also been accurate. Things like, selfish, asshole, alcoholic, liar and felon. These are words that have described me in my past and for some will always be linked to me.

What I have figured out though is that it is not my choice how other people define me. That is their choice. The choice that I get to make each day is to be the best Adam that I can be and to be the positive words and not the negative ones. Other people will always try to define us. Each person views us through their own experiences and perspective. Looking at all of the words above, I know that I am capable of being all of those things. I know I’m not done with people doubting if I can stay sober and I know that those words can still define me. But they don’t define me today and the more good days I turn in to good weeks, and months and years, the less people will be able to use them in the future.