Christmas Cheer

Here we go, it's Christmas again, and do you know something? This will be my third Christmas sober and this year is different because I don't crave alcohol like I once did. The last holiday while I was drinking I was at a point where many addicts find themselves, where everyone around me realized I had a problem except for me. The holidays had turned into me sneaking around, asking myself if I looked like I had too much to drink and wondering if someone could smell the alcohol on my breath until eventually it became evident to everyone what I had been sneaking around doing all night. For me, it was impossible to enjoy the time with family when my addiction was tearing me away from them, convincing me that they were judging me. During my drinking, the holiday season did nothing more than amplify my isolation. But today, each holiday season gets better and better, filling itself with the same childish excitement it once had when I was a little kid. The weird awkward feeling I once had around the holidays is gone, sobriety has allowed me and those around me to once again enjoy the holidays and everything that comes with it

It's a safe bet that a member of your family, not necessarily you or your partner will see December approach with a sense of dread. Perhaps they'll have vowed to both themselves and the family that they won't touch a drop over Christmas. Some may and some may not.

I'm not advocating you tip toe around those who are trying to stay sober, only that you show some understanding. As for any drinkers out there reading this.  In no way is this written for self-pity and you shouldn’t expect special treatment. Certainly, there'll be little sympathy from me should you fall off the wagon and behave like a jackass, but I do know what you're going through. I understand completely.

And as for you others who are raising merry hell and celebrating with a little extra Christmas cheer. Well, I'd love to hang with you while partaking in the glorious Christmas spirit, but I'm afraid it wouldn't end there, not for me, and I know this now.

Happy holidays. Stay safe and please, please don't drink and drive. It's never worth it.