Year Two, One Day at a Time

I cannot be more proud to say that I made it through my first year of sobriety.  Every single month has been a huge milestone, I even keep a ticker on my phone letting me know how many days sober I am. (1 year, 7 days) This ticker not only makes me feel good about what I am doing but it is also a constant reminder of how far I have come. I have worked at being more patient, giving & present each day. I have heard my voice, sharing thoughts that I knew might help and saying things just to hear the words come out of my mouth because if I released them, they would not have power over me anymore. I have learned how not to be, how to let go, how to be better and how not to take certain things so personally.  I have also had to deal with fear, anxiety, anger and resentment through a variety of means which has only helped me with my commitment to sobriety. Now it is time to tackle year #2.


I have a feeling that this second year may be more difficult than the first. I no longer have that excuse of saying that I am newly sober, I have a little bit of time and experience now and need to really deal with life on life’s terms. Now is my time to really start reaching out to others and helping my fellow alcoholic or addict. I am no expert on this but I feel like it is my calling to reach out and help people who may have the same struggles that I have or once had.


As I contemplate the past year, I can only hope that others in or on the road of recovery have taken the time to see how important it is to give back, to stay in the present, focus on prayer, slowing down, not taking things personally, putting forth daily effort, regaining respect and dignity and sharing their story.


I can do this, one day at a time.