Actions Have Consequences

I start my days differently than most, only because I do not have any other choice. When you are getting into your auto started or nightly garaged vehicle, I am putting on warm, reflective layers and blinking lights while trying to decide if today is a snow bike or an ice bike day. This is one of the many consequences that I have had to deal with for the poor choices I have made in life while under the influence of alcohol.


It has been 5 years and 19 days since I was licensed to drive a motor vehicle and in all reality, I have no idea if and when I will be able to get behind the wheel again. Some have asked me,  "Couldn’t you just drive without a license and just hope you do not get caught?" Sure I could, but why? What kind of message is that to the youth that I work with, knowing full well I shouldn’t be driving? I have accepted the fact that I cannot drive and hope for the chance again someday. Until then I will keep packing my backpack and peddling on.


The moral of this is simple, think before, during and after you have a drink. It doesn’t take much to be above the legal limit which impairs your judgment. I consider myself lucky to be here today with the amount of times I sat in a driver’s seat without a care in the world, drunk as a skunk. This is something that I am not proud of but it is a reflection of the type of thinking that consumed me when I was drinking. For me, I was always “ok” to drive and nobody could try and tell me any different, I was an adult and I knew if I was good to drive or not.


The way I see it is this, no matter how mad your friend or loved one will be at you if you get in their way of driving drunk it will always be a gift to them whether they like it or not. Most likely, the next day they won’t even remember or care about the exchange. A cab ride home is much cheaper than an arrest for a DUI and more importantly it is much cheaper than what your's or someone else's life is worth.


Not everyone gets a chance to tell their story the way I am able to. Some never make it out of their driver seat, some cause someone else to never be able to go home and some just never change their way of life.


Education on this is important, but I believe that we're to the point where almost everyone knows they shouldn't drink and drive. The people who are still doing it are choosing to do it. Choose wisely.